Sleight of Mouth

If it's a stand-up performer you're after then Steve's definitely your man. With years of experience behind him, he has a stand-up show to suit every occasion that is perfect for all ages.

Steve's live presentations are always entertaining, intriguing and inoffensive. Steve has worked everywhere from Morecambe to Mexico City, Bournemouth to Buenos Aires, and always leaves people amazed, amused, entertained and inspired.

The accent is very much on comedy and audience participation. You'll find the laughs come thick and fast - and just when you least expect it, he hits you between the eyes with yet another magical miracle.

Using a daft and unique blend of side-splitting comedy and sleight of hand Steve manages to combine silly props, audience involvement and baffling world class tricks to give a unique entertainment experience.

A bottle of tomato ketchup disappears right under your nose. A shuffled deck is thrown around the audience to have several cards merely thought of. Steve correctly names the chosen cards.

Then there's the amazing mind-reading. A spectator chooses any word, from anywhere in a selected and examined book. That's right, you've guessed it, Steve correctly identifies the word.

All this and much, much more.

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